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the confident woman you are meant to be

One day I blinked and it was as if I was just magically turned into this confident woman. I mean, I know this is not what happened BUT it is how it felt. Not sure if it was turning 3), Lots of social media growth or constant self reflection. I cannot pin point what the pivotal moment for me was in developing my self confidence, but it happened.

Confidence is a muscle. We have to work it in order for it to get stronger.

What are some actions you can take today to become more confident?

BE BOLD // is there something you want to wear? Is there something you want to do? DO IT. be bold. These actions will create confidence within yourself.

SMALL GOALS // create small goals for the day (nothing freaking monumental sister) accomplish them and then DANCE, JUMP and be PROUD of yourself. Two steps. Set goals then PRAISE THEM.

SELF TALK // tell yourself ONE positive, badass thing about yourself today. DO IT. look in the mirror and tell yourself something AMAZING. “Dang em, your butt looks nice today” “Oh EM, you are radiating positive energy today” DEAL? Do it. Tell yourself nice things.

Building confidence is a DAILY practice. You have to be thoughtful about it everyday.

READY, set, GO!


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