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finding your funky style

Do you have trouble coming up with your own FUN style? At L&Q Armoire we are all about FUN style. So, how can you discover your fun style? ((I believe we all have it in there…. We may just hide it or push it down to be “normal”))

Let’s not be normal, OK? Let’s be YOU!

ONE // find one item that you LOVE. for me, it is hats. When i am shopping or styling i am always thinking about my ONE thing. HATS. what is yours? Ring? Bracelets? Long necklace? Plaid? Stripes? Headbands? Anything….

VISION // search on the pinterest and find your VISION. I personally would find a PERSON (to start) like someone famous that you love their style. Then from there research what thier style is a little more.


BUY // go, go. For the longest time I had a vision of what my style was but i could not afford to buy the things I wanted for my style. ((this was in college)) but I started buying staple pieces for that style.

Example //

western style ; boots, hats, vests, kimonos, graphic tees, etc.

boho style ; crochet vests, moccasins, turquoise jewels

edgy style ; leather jacket, combat boots, pleather pants, etc.

MOST of us cannot go buy all these style statements all at ONCE (unless you can use SEZZLE) but you can create a vision for your FUN style, sister.

Deal? Now go dream. It will help you discover who you are & who you want to create for yourself.

Xo em


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