seasonal style kit

we style FOR YOU!  every single season we have a sign up for a style kit made just for you!  

this is for the babe that :

-doesn't have time to shop but wants to be up to date and stylish 

-needs help styling and is open to new items 

-ready to get out of her BOX and try new styles

-brave n bold babes 

this is not for the babe that:

-is super picky

-has a very specific style

we love, love making you babes these kits.  the value is insane for the amount of goodies you get.  along with a discount! 

if you want to know the next time we are doing kit sign ups join the specific email list below! 

Come Join the Fun!

Stay up to date on the NEW things that launch at l+q, catch live sales, enter in our giveaway and of course make some new friends!

exclusive by em

coming in the FALL

Styling is something I LOVE so much, it's a passion of mine, which is why I decided to launch exclusive by em. I will order product specifically for YOU, your style and your body!

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